2016 Bucket List

Okay, so it might be the middle of March already, but it's never too late to write out my photography bucket list for the year... right??

Last year I had a totally unorganized bucket list in my head and was able to cross off two items: 1) An intimate wedding at a winery, and 2) A family session at a Christmas Tree Farm. (To see those blog posts, click here and here) This year I decided I should probably write my ideas down and hope that someone who comes across my blog will be planning (or knows someone who will be planning!) one of these things and help me fulfill some of my 2016 goals. :)

Jannicka Mayte's 2016 Photography Bucket List

1) A birth ✔

2) A military homecoming (I will be living near Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington) ✔

3) An intimate wedding, elopement, or vow renewal in the mountains of Washington or Oregon ✔

4) A destination elopement, intimate wedding, or vow renewal (A destination is anything 2+ hours outside of the Seattle/Olympia/Vancouver/Portland areas)

5) A family or couples session in downtown Seattle, Washington ✔

6) An in-home lifestyle newborn session ✔

7) A family or couples session in downtown Portland, Oregon ✔

8) An adventure session

9) A lifestyle session in Target or Ikea

10) An in-home lifestyle family session ✔

I will be offering a considerable discount for the above-mentioned sessions and weddings! Shoot me an email at photos@jannickamayte.com (or contact me here) if you'd like to chat about any of these items from my bucket list. Please feel free to pass this along to your family and friends as well!

Thanks and I'm super excited about this year! :)

Jannicka Nord

Jannicka Mayte, Anchorage/Mat-Su Valley, AK

Lifestyle family, intimate wedding, & elopement photographer in Alaska. Capturing adventures way up north.