2016 Family Reunion

Last weekend we attended our annual family reunion at Camp Elkanah in central Oregon. It was so much fun! It also happened to be Adler's second birthday while we were up there, and I think he had a great birthday. This was actually the first time most of my extended family had even met Adler, so it was a pretty big weekend for everyone--especially my grandparents because Adler is their youngest great grandson.

Every year they set up a huge water slide and it's always such a blast! That was Hadley's favorite activity, and she really enjoyed hanging out with her two cousins as well. This year they also played flashlight tag, lots of mini golf, and had a carnival.

It was a fun weekend of playing games, talking to family I haven't seen in years, and doing some camping.

Jannicka Nord

Jannicka Mayte, Anchorage/Mat-Su Valley, AK

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