Avram | Vancouver Portrait Session

I'm very excited about today's post!! I'm officially introducing you to Avram, and I know you'll love him (almost) as much as I do. :) I wouldn't even have a photography business if it wasn't for him--he's the one who encouraged me to go for it when I thought it was just a crazy idea; he loves talking about the business side of things and figuring out new ways to market and advertise; and he shows his support by constantly being there for me and assisting me financially.

A couple months ago I asked him if he would let me take some photos of him, and he being the good sport that he is, went out on an impromptu photo shoot with me. At first it felt a little strange to be taking pictures of my own husband, but after a few shots we both loosened up and had lots of fun with it. I hope you enjoy this session as much as we did!

Jannicka Nord

Jannicka Mayte, Anchorage/Mat-Su Valley, AK

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